4 steps in the sociological approximation to new realities


David Dueñas
Warsaw, May 2013
Article in English, 16 pages


This production consists in a description of the steps followed by a sociologist working in a different country and in a difficult linguistic context. It is divided into four different steps which cover from the previous fears to some of the results obtained after a first analysis of the data collected.

This article echoes a reflection over daily life, methodology for data collection, micro impacts over the configuration of social life, working against social stigma.



Interactions :

Data collection in interviews : Anna M. Bofarull, Ania Biernat, Dorota Porowska, Pierre Grosdemouge, Unai Reglero and Zofia Dworakowska

Image collection : Richard Louvet

Transformation of images and networks : Richard Louvet and David Jimenez



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