Better tomorrow was yesterday

Warsaw, May 2013
Movie, 11’54 mn


This working-class neighborhood of Warsaw is separated from the city centre by the river Vistula, a physical and a mental border. Praga was the only district which remained standing when Warsaw was bombed in the Second World War. It was occupied by the Nazis, then the Soviets. After the fall of communism, a graffiti appeared in the neighborhood saying “LEPSZE JÜTRO BYŁO WCZORAJ” (“BETTER TOMORROW WAS YESTERDAY”). This refers to the disappointment with capitalism and democracy. During my stay in Praga I used this sentence as a tool for research to approach its reality, asking the neighbours what they thought about it… From their answers I elaborated a series of posters, some with this sentence, rescuing and reclaiming its validity in the neighborhood, some with the sentence modified, providing a more optimistic message for the future.


Camera : Anna M. Bofarull

Translators : Goro, Justyna Jalosinska, Tomasz Zdrojewski, Dorota Porowska


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