Exp2 – The territory of imagination

Rennes, March 2013.

Edition (21 x 27.8mm), brown and white silkscreen print cover, black digital print booklet on ivory paper, blue and yellow, hand-sewn binding.

Can a territory be explored by imagination ?

Not really knowing how to objectively grasp the reality of the terrain, I am setting off on an exploration of the unknown. In order to do this, I am testing different mechanisms with metaphorical and figurative representations : popular expressions, illustrative posters, sound excursions, narrative installations, and more.
Making up a story and playing with its reflexive potential. In exaggerating the point, the common sense of it becomes absurd. I take my raw material from the stories which surround me, associating one idea with another, looking for a possible opening, and letting myself drift away, carried on the tide of everyday life…





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