Fragment Bramy

Warsaw, May 2013
Series of photographs – 6 prints, colour print on adhesive photo paper, about 45x150cm

Fragment Bramy is a dissection of the depths of the Praga district using a motif recurrent in local architecture – the entrance porch.

These entrances – intermediary elements between the public and private spheres – are areas rich in history which give structure and bear witness to a reality of the city. The role they play in a destroyed city such as Warsaw makes them all the more captivating.

Also a physical barrier, the wall is a restraining tool which divides spaces and people. I decided to photograph these walls by reconstructing them or dividing them up in order to gain a better understanding and  a sense of ownership of the area.
brama6 brama5 brama4 brama3 brama2 brama1


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