Maurepas ! Work in progress

Rennes, mach 2013

The collection consists of parts that can be viewed in a different order. Each part can be read/watched separately or together with the other parts. The compilation is an open structure – new parts can occur, the current versions can change. The collection is inspired by qualitative social research, especially autoethnography and performative ethnography.

Cooperation : Anna M. Bofarull, Nani Blasco, BIONIK DREAD, Flera Djema, Elton Koli, Romain Louvel, Richard Louvet, Anne-Catherine Pivard, RDH20, Shiranie Rajakumaran, Fériel Remadi, Alba Rodriguez Núñez, Aïcha Tavares.


Forced observation ; Different orders ; Balconies ; Individual traces ; Displacement, hand written articles in Polish

Performing Maurepas, coloured HD video and photos (20 min)


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