Warsaw, May 2013
Movie, 20’35 mn


A team composed of three inhabitants of the Praga district and a researcher was joined by the interest in the construction of the second line of the underground in Warsaw. Two stations of this line are located in Praga, one of them in the same place as one of the main communication junction of the district, close to the Warszawa Wileńska Railway station. Because of the construction the area was closed for traffic and the whole communication was reorganised for three years.

The team was interested both in technical aspects of the building of the underground and in the social aspects of the construction – how the enterprise influenced everyday life of the inhabitants.


Crew : Zofia Dworakowska, Dariusz Danielkowski, Kamil Majewski, Aleksandra Kacprzak
Cooperation : Anna M. Bofarull, Tomasz Zdrojewski



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