Bikes & Balconies

Today we went with Anna for a photographic “bike hunting”.

But of course, there where almost no bikes by the streets in such a rainy and cold day.

Where do the bikes go when they are not ridden ?

SDIM5195 X

“What can be seen, even at first glance in this neighborhood, is that there is a big tension between the inside and the outside.
Corridors, for example, are very different form the outside.
And also, for me, what is really interesting and inspiring are the balconies. Balcony ? Balconies ? Yes. They are like… I’m really surprised, because sometimes, when you go and see the all buildings, the only thing that makes it like… “various” let’s say, are the balconies.
They are organized in a totally different way.
And also very often, you have a big disorder. Let’s say “disorder”. In a comparison to the order around, it’s a totally different order. And this, for me, i’m reading them even as a kind of manifestation : “This is my place, and see it !” because it’s obvious that everybody see these balconies. So : “See ! This is my privacy, and i have a right to manifest it like this.”

, during the meeting tonight, 11 mars 2013.

SDIM5222 X SDIM5220 X


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