The book gathers extracts from the artistic, scientific and pedagogic works of our team of explorers. The graphic design is by Le Grand Atelier.



Documentary film by Anna M. Bofarull

Expeditions is a complex world all of its own. It brings together highly diverse experiences, from visual art to sociological research, by unveiling encounters and happenings. But Expeditions is first and foremost an account of daily life in the neighbourhoods of Ponent (Tarragona, Spain), Maurepas (Rennes, France) and Praga (Warsaw, Poland), as part of an artistic research initiative.

Artists, social science researchers, teachers, but also children and people living in these areas worked together for several weeks with a common aim: to truly uncover daily reality in these so-called working-class neighbourhoods and to try to portray the representations and imagined images attributed to them. Expeditions was thus a theatre of creative, scientific and pedagogical processes; exploration initiatives; and reflections carried out in the public sphere, all with the aim of getting to know these areas better.

My camera constantly followed the creators and people involved in these “expeditions”. I offer a cinematographic account of a european cooperation project characterised by diverse and multiple experiences, with a view to showing the daily reality of these neighbourhoods in Tarragona, Rennes and Warsaw.

Anna M. Bofarull, January 2014.

Documentary film – 52 minutes – Pluringual (English, French, Spanish and Polish subtitles available on the menu of the player)



Three exhibitions bring together the elements collected or created in the three cities. It highlight the differences and similarities of the representations of working-class neighbourhoods conveyed in each city.

>>>El retorno de las expediciones in Tarragona
>>> Discovering the City in Warsaw
>>> People, Places and Pieces: Some Drawings in Rennes

Actually L’âge de la tortue (in France), Ariadna (in Spain) and GPAS (in Poland) continue to disseminate all the productions of the project. They organize exhibitions, projections of the documentary film and public meetings. Here you can see some photography of the exhibition “Retour d’Expéditions” produced by L’âge de la tortue.




The multi-disciplinary international seminar have aimed to propose, on the basis of comparisons of participants’ professional experiences and field work, a cross-analysis of the work processes and the results obtained. This seminar took place in 3 parts: the end of September 2013 in Tarragona, the end of November 2013 in Warsaw and the end of January 2014 in Rennes.

>> Program of International and interdisciplinary Seminar of Tarragone « Interdisciplinarity Strategies and Collaborations » in Tarragona
>> Program of the Seminar « Expedition in the space of the city » in Warsaw
>> Program of International Colloque « La figure de l’explorateur » in Rennes




During and after each residency, reproductions of the work created by the explorers are organised in the centre of the neighbourhood. The reproductions shown during the residency periods allow the explorers’ research to be presented in its current state of progress, that is, drafts, sketches, notes; a collection of the elements gathered as they are being assembled. Other reproductions will be shown a month and a half after the residencies have finished. For the first time they will present the explorers’ finalised work in the neighbourhood where it was carried out, before combining them all for the travelling exhibition that will move around to the three cities involved in the project.

Here you can read newspapers produced at the end of each residencies in frame of reproductions.


The quantitative and qualitative assessment

Download the quantitative and qualitative assessment of the project “Expéditions” (in french)

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