Memory card

Rennes, March 2013.

Memory card, 244 files, 2 Go.

Memory card is the best name for a storage medium. So simple. So obvious.Here is my memory on a card. My life in gigabytes, shrunk to the size of a nail, already obsolete.The content is divided into three sections :

Civilization of men is a long story which continues for some time. Here you can find out what happened in Maurepas. The concept was to accumulate rubbish from the streets to research and use in multiple ways (as material for street interventions, imitating or invading real environments, scanning and cataloguing objects, and destroying some in order to see their cores).

In Fun you can watch a 5-hour long film and photos of light writing by children and grown-ups. Different speed of motion, same emotion.

Grey matter is to be listened to.

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memory card


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