The book Expeditions, available online

This book tells of a singular experience at the crossroad of art, social science research and popular education.

EXPEDITIONS is a European cooperation project that took place in the cities of Tarragona (Spain), Rennes (France), and Warsaw (Poland) from December 2012 to June 2014. This project brought together a multidisciplinary team composed of artists, social science researchers and education specialists. Together they set off to rediscover working-class areas that are too often stigmatised, in order to offer new representations and reinvigorate our images of them. Along with the children who live in the neighbourhoods of Ponent, in Tarragona; Maurepas, in Rennes; and Praga, in Warsaw, these explorers got to know the daily lives of the people who live and work in these areas.

Through artistic, scientific and educational works, this book presents the main themes of these “expeditions”: exploration, territory, interdisciplinarity and displacement in professional practice, artistic presence and, finally, an exhibition of the knowledge gained through the expeditions.

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