Takeoff on a windy day

Computers on, cameras on, heaters on, eyes wide open… Expeditions is beginning and the Tarragona team is well connected.

Windy day today. Palm trees were shivering. Strangely the Polish members of the team were the more warmly dressed at first ! Now nearly all of us has its hat on. Just like local dogs. Probably the children will take theirs tomorrow.

On one side, English is to me the easiest language to communicate within the team of explorers and we understand each other quite well. Sometimes the “Franglais” is more understandable to the Spanish part of the team then the correct word in English ! On the other side, I experienced some kind of embarrassement not to be able to talk some Spanish with the kids. We met them for the first time today and draw together a big map of the neighboorhood of Camp Clar on a basketball field. Wasila and I draw roads from house to house, from “bolera” to

“piscina de bolas”, to “playa”… I intercepted the first intimate discussions between the young and the adult explorers. Curiosity was in the air, enthusiasm, first steps to confidence and expectations from the days and weeks to come…

Photo Alba Rodriguez Nuñez - 15/01/2013 - Tarragona

Photo Alba Rodriguez Nuñez – 15/01/2013 – Tarragona


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