Of course there are other phrases that the Prague neighborhood residents can feel identified, like this one, which refers to the rivalry between the football teams of Warsaw, Poland and Legia, but may not have as much content as the other one than I commented in the other post: « better tomorrow than yesterday ». Today, searching the internet, we have seen that there are entries on this sentence. Interestingly there is a facebook page that only contains the photo: C5% 81O-WCZORAJ/212218795493949, an enigma to solve ..

Also there are other pages with the photo, typing LEPSZE Wczoraj Jütro bylo. Ideally find the author of the graffiti.

Anyway, I need to talk to neighbors to see if they really thinks the phrase is appropriate, or is it better find another, in this case if they wants to collaborate in it. The idea is make a large paint in a wall of  the neighborhood.

the questionnaire should be quite simple, something like this:

How long have you living in the neighborhood?

How is life here?

What are your hopes for the future?

Do you think that in the past was better?

Do you think this phrase: « Better tomorrow was yesterday »

Would you like to see her painted in the neighborhood?

Do you remember a sentence more representative?

Would you like to participate in a performance?


Parallel I’m thinking with Tomec in a workshop with the kids, where they themselves can choose the appropriate phrase to them and paint it.


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