A « social drink »

Social drink. Definition in the Expeditions glossary : Daily meeting of the explorers during a residency. Synonymous : Apéro.

21/01/2013. Tarragona, Honduras Bar. 19.30 pm : 2 people. 22.45 pm : 15 people. Protagonists : artists, researchers, a pedagogue, a translator, invited people, coordinators. Setting : cervezas, snacks, drawings on the paper tablecloth, collective discussion/individual datings, no formal agenda, mixed languages…

19.50 : topic n°1. The necessity to use the blog to publish about the devices of exploration and their evolution, to make them explicit from outside, in this specific public space. REVELATION of what is behind the curtain, what you normally don’t show, what comes before the formal results. In the brains : oh… what will I tell… and what will I won’t tell ? So much materials collected everyday and the need to analyze it presently…

20.00 : topic n°2. Collecting every trace of exploration, every tool, every object which may be part of the exhibitions as the « Return of Expeditions ». Question to the point : and what happens if I have no bag to put my own collection ?

20.05 : topic n°3. Planning a meeting with the team next Wednesday night about the last public restitution in Tarragona and working on the idea from Angel and David of the children’s ambassy outside the Ponent neighbourhoods. How to create a FRAME associating the children as actors and become their colleagues ? How to make visible the neighbourhood out of its BORDERS ? A collective brainstorming in perspective.

20.15 : topic n°4. A proposal of Natalia and Anthony to organize a second meeting with families and children of Casal l’Amic with the team next Saturday. The issue beyond the topic : choosing a relevant place. Two options appeared – the River or the Neighbourhood -  with many irreconciliable STAKES. The subject was like a white sheet of paper. Or an empty blackboard. Progressively fullfilled with the DESIRES of one another. …Going outside the neighbourhood to open new possibilities, finding a pleasant green place to share a nice and healthy picnic with the families, making a happening of the explorers within the neighbourhood, gathering more people and its consequences, perturbating the public space, creating an intimate space to develop the relationships between children explorers and adult ones… How to build the collective ? How to reconciliate many subjectivities ? Does the main interest lie inside the collective discussion revealing the stakes for one another or in the decision taken at the end ? What means available to go further ?

21.05 : topic n°5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11… Beginning of individual discussions about the works in progress, going on collaborations, doubts, some recorded interviews, …

22.45 : end of the meeting. Expeditions laboratory closed.


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