Dorota Porowska

Actress and director. Between 1984 and 2004 she starred in performances in OPT Gardzienice. She held theatre workshops in the Royal Shakespeare Company, in the universities of Columbia, Stanford and in the Meyerhold Institute in Moscow. In 2002 she held a group project, Dances of Labyrinth, which became a basis of Chorea, an artistic NGO. She directed many plays such as Antigone and led a project with the Belorussian Korniag Theatre. She has played for the youngest and also for prisoners. She conducted theatre workshops in the universities in Poznan, Lodz and for the Institute of Polish Culture in Warsaw, but also for the socially excluded. She took part in Chorea’s Oratorium Dance Project, with a hundred teenagers and the Orchestra and Choir of Lodz Philharmonic.

Productions of Dorota Porowska

Les carnets de résidence de Dorota Porowska