Romain Louvel

Born in 1974, Romain Louvel is a visual artist and visual art researcher. He lives in the Loire-Atlantique department. His art training in Paris and his growing interest in popular education led him to take into consideration the role of art in social reality. In the mid-1990s, he experimented with collective artistic actions in the public space. Gradually, his art work became more oriented towards the creation of ways to infiltrate and discretely interrupt daily routines in order to highlight the invisible elements that structure our social reality. Essentially, he creates images, objects and installations in the social and public space with the participation of people who he finds there. In 2010, he defended a thesis on the subject of “experimental provocation”. Currently, he is working in an interdisciplinary context bringing together researchers, artists and street educators. He is developing a generative art practice from the collaborative situation which leads to unexpected transfers and modifications in the practice of each person.

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